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Playstation 4 VR - Worth the $$$?

Playstation 4 VR - Worth the $$$?

Hey everyone!

So I admit it. I cant help buying a techy gimmick. I have a 3D tv that I have used a handful of times, every now and again I turn on the 3d features of my nintendo 3ds and so soon as I heard about the playstation VR I preordered one. 

Now the question is wether or not I think it was worth the $$$. Now my recommendation is that if you are going to do it you should go all in. What does that mean? If you are going to spend the money on the VR headset and camera (if you dont already have one) then you should also go for the 2 motion controllers and at the minimum the Batman Arkham VR game. 

This one game with the motion controllers totally makes it worth it! While playing this game you really are BATMAN! Calibrate the game right and you feel as if you are analysing crime scenes, processing evidence, chasing the riddlers riddles. 

Its a short game. But well worth the $30ish dollars paid for it. Once you have gone through the main gameplay there is a bunch of achievements to go back and unlock. The riddles have been fun to find and examine. 

In terms of quality through the headset I admit its not perfect. A much as I felt like Batman there were a few times when things werent in focus and it got a little annoying. That said I recommend calibrating the system as close as possible and if you wear glasses (like I do) you may not see everything 100% clearly. 

Long story short: I totally recommend it for anyone who happens to have a couple of hundred $$ in their back pocket who enjoys saying in a raspy voice.... "I AM BATMAN!"

Want to buy a Playstation VR headset? Mightyape is my go to choice for any games in NZ. You can find the headset here: https://www.mightyape.co.nz/product/playstation-vr-ps4/25022572 

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