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The Wellington BizDojo

The Wellington BizDojo

I clearly took this photo early in the morning given no-one is using the coffee machine!

I clearly took this photo early in the morning given no-one is using the coffee machine!

While working with 3months I got the amazing opportunity to work from the Wellington BizDojo based on Tory St. 

Their website describes them as a:

"coworking and collaboration network whose mission is to unleash people's potential. We are hugely passionate about supporting our diverse community of freelancers and growth businesses by encouraging an active, experimental and collaborative culture through events, projects, programmes and quite simply, the opportunity to bump into just the right person in the kitchen (seriously.)"

Staff at the BizDojo are amazing. They are dedicated to building a community that works together, shares thoughts and ideas, supports each other and even manages to get people to share the burden of loading and unloading dishwashers together! 

The BizDojo has played host to a number of great Collider events. The Collider programme aims to connect thought leaders, emerging entrepreneurs and inspirational experts to support the growth of our community. Everyone is welcome at these events and the are usually free or provided at a low cost to participants. 

Just a couple of the BizDojo companies and awesome people:

Nourished as:

Ben Cole is the awesome guy who runs nourished as. He and his company is all about how the combination of food, mindfulness and exercise can lead you to a healthy happy life. I was lucky enough to be able to listen to some of Ben's talks during the mental health awareness week events run by the BizDojo crew. 

His programmes lead people to ask what was in the supplements he recommended because they never expected to feel that good that quickly! I should probably say now that the be pure supplements he was recommending are perfectly healthy and legal supplements. :o)

Right now there are a number of specials going on their programs and you can sign up here: http://nourishedas.com/programs/ 

Point Zero:

Holograms! O. M. G. Holograms! Point Zero have come up with some awesome hologram technology that is opening up this amazing medium to more organisations than ever before. Being able to walk around the Dojo and just come across one of their hologram examples is amazing and I admit to sending some time watching the examples and talking to them about their technology. 

They have been featured on multiple news sites and you can read more about what they do at the link above. Coincidentally they also just happen to be a group of approachable cool people who deserve all the success they can get.


Except for that one time when my Phys Ed teacher was showing us the gym equipment at my high school I don't think I have ever stepped my foot into a gym. However! That does not mean I'm not going to mention musivate which I was lucky enough to be able to debate with its creator too late at night when I likely shouldn't have been working anymore.

Musivate is a soon to be released app aimed for people who want to be able to structure their workouts based on the music they want to listen to. Or as they say on their website (which is way better than I could ever put it...

"Musivate is designed to let you train in sync with the moments in your music which motivate you. For example, when the beat drops or chorus begins – your cued to start your set, interval, exercise challenge…"


Potato salad - Not really a recipe...

Potato salad - Not really a recipe...

Lifeprint - Want to print some videos?

Lifeprint - Want to print some videos?