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Bioshock infinite

Bioshock infinite

I first published this on a wordpress site 3 YEARS AGO! Who knew that a) I had a wordpress site. I totally forgot about that! and b) 3 YEARS AGO! Still totally relevant though so worth reposting here.


I don't even know where to start. I LOVE this game. It is awesomeness gameified for our entertainment. The story is great, the game play is fun and artistically it is beautiful. So this isn't just a post about how awesome it is without going into detail I am going to split it up a bit and talk about the both the story and the game play. Otherwise this post would just be me saying its really awesome over and over and over again! Which it is. And you should buy it.

Oh and I need to thank Sam for introducing me to the awesomeness that is bioshock. Without him I wouldn't have even played the first one and that would be tragic.


Careful! There are spoilers ahead!

Long story short you are Booker DeWitt. A bit of a roguish type who finds himself in a rowboat headed to a lighthouse (Hello original bioshock) to "retrieve the girl and wipe away the debt." From the lighthouse you are shot up into the sky to the city of Columbia. (In my "research" for this post I found out that Columbia is the female personification of the United States. Who knew?)

I loved being able to explore some of the city and listen in to conversations without worrying about everyone shooting or attacking you. Eventually you find Elizabeth and realise she has some awesome powers of her own. Including the ability to open up tears between realities. This comes in handy during battle times when she just happens to be able to open up a tear to give you access to health kits and some awesome weaponry.

As one of the people who paid lots of money for the collectors edition I got access to the bioshock industrial revolution game before the main game was released. This was a puzzle game which unlocked certain extras. As part of this game you had to pick a side. Either you supported the Founders or the Vox populi. The Founders are a more religious bunch who support segregation and such and are led by Comstock. The Vox populi lead by Daisy Fitzroy have started a revolution against the Founders.

Not being particularly religious myself while playing the industrial revolution I tended to support the Vox populi. Anyway the point I'm trying to get to is I was surprised when the game is suddenly flipped and you are forced to enter one of Elizabeths tears into a reality where the Vox populi are starting to take over. The Vox populi cause is so zealous in their beliefs Elizabeth has to kill Daisy to stop her from killing a young Founder boy. (Told you there would be spoilers)

Then you realise that nothing is ever black and white as it seems. I loved this part of the story. So often in games it is goodies vs baddies so it is nice to play a game that recognises that the world we live in is more about the shades of grey.

Needless to say I found myself regretting supporting them quite as much as I had been. haha!

Im not going to write about everything that happens in this game because a) that could take me quite a long time and b) Wikipedia will always explain it better than I can. :o)

That said clearly I cant not talk about the ending of this game. That would just be wrong. What I loved so much about the first bioshock game is the story. How you realise that you have been played from the beginning in that you were programmed to follow any instruction that began with would you kindly to a point I'm not sure I will ever think of the phrase would you kindly in the same way again.

In bioshock infinite you come to realise that you are Elizabeths father and Comstock is merely you in a different reality. Elizabeth lost part of her pinky finger as a baby when Comstock steals her from your reality with the help of the Lutece twins. The Luteces have been trying to break the cycle by bringing in different Bookers from different realities but Elizabeth realises the only way to stop the cycle from happening is to drown Booker at the moment of his baptisim so he never has the choice to become Comstock.


There is a lot going on in this game! So freakin awesome.



I freely admit that I'm not a fan of babysitting type missions. Usually because they don't seem particularly smart and often stand right in front of you while you are trying to shoot the bad guys. Hello?! Are you trying to get both of us killed?! Elizabeth on the other hand is pretty good at taking care of herself. Not only does she not stand in front of a firing gun she even scouts around and finds you ammo, salts and health kits. I could not count the number of times she threw something at me right when I needed it.

In fact I got so attached to Elizabeth that when she was taken away I found myself sprinting through the level without shooting or collecting anything just so I could get her back.

The game developers did a very good job of creating a companion character who becomes more of a friend the longer you play.


Bioshock is all about multitaking. In one hand you hold a weapon such as a pistol. With the other hand you get control of vigors. (I'm not going to ask where he keeps the skyhook) Vigors give you powerful abilites that let you manipulate electricity and fire. Each vigor has a primary and a secondary ability. The main ability usually used on a signle opponent and a more charged form that creates traps or enhanced attacks.

While there are a few different vigors which I'm sure help in a number of different situations I found myself sticking with a main few.

Shock jockey: With the help of charged crystals you can manipulate electricity. I loved surrounding myself with this set out as traps. When ever anyone got near they got a shock that made them easy to kill with a melee attack.

Murder of crows: What isn't cool about having a murder of crows attacking your enemies?! Made even better with an upgrade that causes any person that dies at the beaks of the crows to become a nest waiting for the next sucker to come along.

Devils kiss: hehe this one is a good reminder of why not to play with fire. The trap version causes a large explosion that does a lot of damage to your enemies.

Possession: Extremely helpful when fighting handymen and a bunch of minions. Get the handyman on your side, the minions will attack him and by the time they are done fighting each other the handyman will be easy to kill.


Depending on who you were fighting against between the Founders and the Vox populi there are a range of weapons available.

Skyhook: So I don't think I was the only person surprised how you go from nicely walking around to Columbia to stealing a skyhook and then planting it in an enemies face! I can admit to loving seeing the symbol that let you know your opponent was ready to take down with a melee attack. Another fun thing was attacking people as you jumped off the skylines. Awesome. Oh and add to that you can buy a full scale replica. Awesome and totally on my mighty ape wishlist!

Peppermill crank gun: The favourite weapon of choice for the motorised patriot. Takes time to get going but once it does it is good for taking out large groups of enemies.

Machine gun: Commonly found automatic I tended to always have one of these on hand.

Huntsman carbine: Semi automatic I tended to use as an in-between of a sniper rifle and machine gun.


Thanks for reading my way too long post about Bioshock infinite. This game is awesome and there is a reason why the critics are giving it rave reviews. I am looking forward to playing it all over again and finding those blasted 2 final voxophones I managed to miss on my first 2 attempts.

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